Practicing: WHO?

blue question markWho? Who should be practicing?  The student, obviously.

But practicing can get frustrating, boring, and ineffective when kids are left to do it all alone.
You don’t have to spend every minute with them, or even time every day.


Be their cheerleader!  Praise them for improvements.  This way you are acknowledging that things weren’t as good as they are now.


By the way – Mistakes are a necessary part of getting better.  If you always just say they sound wonderful, it won’t mean much.  So be honest – but look for any improvement you can find!

Find ways to make practicing fun – games, challenges, and being a part of it sometimes so your child won’t feel lonely.


Want some ideas and resources for piano lessons and practicing?  Click here for my FREE Piano Resources.

Until next time,

Happy Practicing!!


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Connie Cullum, The Piano University

Facebook:  The Piano University



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