Practicing: Where?


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Where should a student practice?

Obvious answer – at the piano.  Ha ha ha.


But the more difficult issue is where should the piano be located in the house?  It’s kind of a balancing act.  You want your child to have a practicing environment free from a lot of distractions.  But you also don’t want to send them to the far corner in the basement where they will feel isolated.


If you have an acoustic piano, your choices might be limited.  So try to provide an environment that is free from a lot of distraction, and at the same time is within ear-shot of you and the family.  So you can give encouragement and praise!  If it’s in the living room – enforce a “No TV” policy during practice time.  If you have more kids, it could be homework or reading time for the others, while the one practices.  Then set up a rotation if more than one takes piano lessons.


Speaking of rotation, that’s how I run lessons at my studio!  And one piano-mom said she copied my format for home practicing.  She has them practice in three stations – the piano, theory workbook, and then flashcards/ tablet theory games.  She had amazing results.  She said the kids loved it, and sometimes even wanted to practice longer!


The rotation idea could include several kids who are taking lessons, so the “WHERE?” question could be more in the center of the home, since everyone could be focused on practicing.


Happy Practicing!

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Connie Cullum, The Piano University

Facebook:  The Piano University


P.S.  Leave a comment to tell me where your kids do their practicing, and if it works well or not.


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