Reading Notes

Reading Notes

One of the very first things you need to learn is how to read notes.  You have to identify notes in the music, and where those notes are on your instrument (in this case, the piano.)


I made a video explaining the way that I teach note reading to young kids – who are just learning to read.  It is very visual, and doesn’t require spelling, like “Every Good Bird Does Fly”.

Watch the video HERE


In the video, I offer a free download of my cheat sheets for reading notes on the staff.   You can download those HERE.


I have twenty sets of flashcards that I use at my studio to teach students to read the notes.  By the time they have completed all twenty, they REALLY know their notes!!  I put all my flashcards, cheat sheets, instructions, and even some flashcard game ideas into a book which is available on Amazon.


You can find it HERE.


Happy Note Reading!!


Connie Cullum –

Taking piano students from Plinking to Performing!

Facebook:  The Piano University



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